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How (and why) you should explore the Telstra Graduate Program

by Tyrone Floro

Employee Experience Consultant - Telstra

I wish I had cooked my secret sauce a lot earlier. What is a secret sauce, I hear you ask? Well, it's not quite your personal brand, not quite your personality and probably not even where you've come from or where you're going. It's all of the above and more. 
The recruiters for the Telstra Graduate Program know that many graduates are more than capable of meeting the minimum criteria for a role. But what's special about you? What is something that will set you apart from all the other candidates who are applying for jobs? 
For me, it was my passion for diversity and inclusion, love for health and wellbeing, interest in improving the employee experience, my ecstatic energy when I’m my "best self", my over-the-top extra-curricular involvement, and finally, my student exchange to the United Kingdom. 
To develop your recipe for a sauce that Telstra recruiters can’t resist, you need to dive deep and ask yourself: who are you?
The how
Knowing who you are will help you to sell what makes you tick, what makes you unique, and most importantly, how you will add value to Telstra. If you’re struggling to define who you are, ask the people around you: friends, family, colleagues and peers. 
When you identify who you are, use examples that demonstrate your qualities. These sorts of stories make you memorable and should be integrated into all of your interactions throughout the recruitment process. Remember that your stories and quirky one-liners about yourself make you memorable and these can be dropped into your interview answers. 
The why
Amazing leaders 
Telstra has amazing leaders who empower and enable everyone to bring their authentic selves to work. They create environments where everyone’s unique voice can be brought to the table. Each leader brings with them a unique style of leadership, but they’re all open to acting on feedback to improving people’s experiences at work. 
My team leaders have always been available when I have needed extra support, such as when I’ve been faced with a difficult situation, required assistance in a particular development area or when I’ve wanted to further explore an area of interest.
All leaders that I’ve come across at Telstra have valuable coaching abilities and they all strive to develop their teams to be the best that they can be. 

Assigned mentors 
Apart from all employees being willing to help you out, when you’re part of the Graduate Program you get assigned official mentors. My amazing mentor is a past graduate and current Chief of Staff for the Global Business Services function. She is absolutely switched on, a great person to soundboard ideas off and she always provides stellar advice on problems I’m currently facing. She is from outside my team, so it’s also great to get a different perspective.

The graduate community 
Being able to bounce off such a large group of people has been amazing. If I’m having a bad day or if I need help answering a question, the graduate community is ready to help. The social side of the graduate community is also a major drawcard, with events almost every week led by the Graduate Association (in which I represent NSW). 

Networking opportunities 
I see the people in my cohort as the leaders of tomorrow, whether that be at Telstra or elsewhere. Being a part of an international network is amazing and I know that one day we’ll be able help each other as we move throughout our careers. On a more practical note, all the graduates are scattered throughout the company and they can really assist in helping you understand different parts of the business. 
Now you’ve heard about the how and why, explore the opportunities waiting for you in the Telstra Graduate Program.
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