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Getting outside my comfort zone and growing at Telstra

by Trent Farrar

Telstra Enterprise – Graduate

I could not have asked for a better start to my career than I’ve had at Telstra. During my time here I’ve moved from product development, to an investment management team, and now a media and marketing sponsorship team. I would never have thought I could gain such a wide variety of knowledge and experience at a single organisation. 
From the beginning I’ve been pushed to get out of my comfort zone and experience new things. This has given me lots of opportunities to interact with past and future graduates, which is always a great learning and network-building experience.
Here’s what my graduate experience has looked like so far:
The first 6 months: I worked on a digital platform and app, building out the entire analytics strategy, putting in place crucial performance measurements and working with partners to create the best user experience for our customers.
The next 6 months: I worked in an investment management role performing monthly reporting, setting new ways of working transition objectives for an entire function and making sure our decisions were driving real value for the organisation.
Today: I’m currently in media sponsorships, working with the likes of the NRL and AFL to create awesome brand experiences and fan engagement with Telstra and our partners. 

The four biggest benefits of working at Telstra 
  1. The supportive environment  
The amount of support I have received from people across Telstra and my leaders has given me confidence and encouraged me to pursue my passions and interests. 
In addition to this, any time I’ve asked for advice I’ve always been welcomed and never pushed away. This just goes to show how caring and supportive everyone is.
  1. The flexible working options 
One of my favourite benefits of working at Telstra is the option to work flexibly in some circumstances. As someone who lives an hour and a half away from the office, being able to work from home is a big help in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  1. Diversity of the rotations  
I love to learn about different business areas, so the diversity of my rotations has been perfect for me. They’ve allowed me to be creative in numerous ways and broaden my experience in commercial, developmental and product areas.
  1. The buddy system  
The buddy system was one of the most memorable parts of my onboarding experience. I was paired up with a current graduate who has more experience than me, and they’ve been there to guide me and show me the ropes from day one. They’re always available to answer questions and help me understand how to approach problem-solving in different areas. 
My advice for future graduates  
If I could go back and change the way I did one thing before beginning my career at Telstra, it would be to broaden my internal network as early as possible. 
You will be working with the same team on day-to-day tasks and projects, but it’s also beneficial to build an internal network that extends beyond this group of people. Having broader connections has helped me navigate the organisation in a more holistic way.
So to new graduates I say, go through the organisational chart and reach out to colleagues for a coffee and a chat. As I said, everyone here is friendly and supportive so they’ll be more than happy to oblige. 
The best place to kick-start your career 
The flexible work environment, innovative projects, strong leadership and supportive colleagues are just some of the reasons why Telstra is a great organisation to launch your career. 
Overall, it's great to come to work and know you're appreciated, the work you do is valued and you have pillars of support all around you. 
If you’re looking to grow your career at an organisation that truly values your development, head to the Telstra Graduate Program page to learn more. 
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