Meet our graduates and interns

We’re looking for passionate people whose agile thinking can bring fresh perspective towards our vision. Whether you’re a student, a graduate or you’re looking to fill your summer with valuable work experience, there’s something for you at Telstra.


Network Engineer Specialist
"A big part of my role is to look after a fascinating project - the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program, which aims to provide mobile phone coverage to regional and remote parts of Australia."


Cyber Security graduate
"I heard about Telstra a few months before applying for the Program. The first thing that caught my attention was how welcoming the company is to international students."


Engineering graduate

"I was treated like an adult from day one and got flexibility around how I work and what I work on."


IT graduate

"Telstra gives me the support to pursue my passions and get my ideas across the line."


Finance graduate

"I wanted to work for Telstra because it’s an amazing company with incredible size and scope in tech."


IoT Connectivity M2M graduate
"I applied for the Program because I wanted to be part of an organisation that would allow me to create and build innovative products and services, and I felt like Telstra would help me do this."


Business & Commerce graduate

"There is the flexibility to develop yourself, and get well-rounded skills."


IT graduate

"It’s about growing and supporting each other and that’s fantastic."


Marketing graduate

"The projects I’ve worked on have been rolled out on a national scale and that’s really cool to see."


IT graduate

"I get to experience so many different parts of the business."


Customer Centric Design graduate

"There is the flexibility to develop yourself, and get well-rounded skills."


Networks Graduate
"I was part of projects that are shaping the future of Telstra’s network"


Networks Graduate

"I’m able to learn about and get experience with new technologies."


Networks Graduate

"I’ve really been able to push my boundaries, and try lots of new things."


Networks Graduate

"I’ve had the opportunity to take on interesting work and learn from talented people within the business."