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In Australia, people are living longer and chronic health conditions are more prevalent, putting stress on an already stretched healthcare system.
The sector faces some big challenges when it comes to digitising information, making existing systems talk to each other and managing the growing demands being placed on it. We believe that technology can make healthcare better today and in the future. Using our technological strengths and advanced networks, we can help lead the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

Since 2013, we have brought together 18 innovative health software and analytics companies. Now, we also have a team of 800 healthcare technology experts serving thousands of public and private organisations across the health delivery chain.

Our team is driven by taking the best technology and integrating that innovation to create entirely new solutions for some of health’s biggest challenges. By building your career with Telstra Health, you’ll help with the digitisation of Australia’s healthcare sector. This exciting opportunity means helping patients, doctors, healthcare professionals, pharmacies, Government agencies and insurance companies connect with each other and deliver better ways of serving patients in a connected world. 
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