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We’re incredibly proud of the people who make up our business. Have a read through their stories and find out why they love working at Telstra.


GM Cloud and Data Centre Operations

"Working here gives me tremendous exposure to industry trends and the chance to influence how cloud and security technology develops."


CE Program Support Specialist

"Putting people first is where Telstra and I really click. I always put myself in the customer’s shoes and see things from their perspective."


Senior Sales Manager, T Account China

"We can work from almost anywhere and are trusted to manage our own time."


Head of HR Strategy and Governance

"Building a culture where people are encouraged, valued and inspired is a great way to spend your day."


IT graduate

"This is not a place where everyone is really competitive or cut throat - instead it’s about growing and supporting each other and that’s fantastic.


Engineering graduate

" I was treated like an adult from day one and got flexibility around how I work and what I work on."


Senior Security Engineers, Network Security Evolution

"The work I do helps organisations to protect not just their revenue and intellectual property, but also their brand and reputation."


Account Director Growth Markets Asia

"When you get results, the business recognises and rewards your efforts." 


Senior Account Director, Account Management US

“What started out as a job experience moved onto a dream job and now a very happy and stable career.”


Regional Sales Manager Carrier Sales, Carrier Sales SE Asia

"Telstra looks to me to deliver, share my ideas and work with my team to fully contribute to our international development."


General Manager Telstra China, China

"Telstra has always supported me in making my dreams become reality."


Head of Key Accounts Greater China, Key Accounts Greater China

"I love having the freedom to go where I’m needed most, whether that’s a meeting with an existing client or leading a sales pitch."


Director of Global Contact Centres

“I’ve found Telstra to be an organisation that is abundant with opportunities to make a difference – and that’s why I’m still here today.”


Director Service and Transformation, Digital Service and Transformation

"I want to be the kind of leader that gives their people what they need to be successful."


GM EME Strategy Governance and Risk Management

“The opportunity to work on the world stage is what I love most about working at Telstra.”


Analytics Lead, BTS Analytics

"Telstra is so large and there are many job opportunities available in different areas of the business. So your next vertical or horizontal career move could take you anywhere here."


Project Support Specialist, Talent Management and Career
"There’s been a lot of support and investment in my training and development. Whenever I’ve put my hand up for opportunities they’ve come to fruition."


GM Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Synergy

"I get to work with global companies, finding the right partners and products to resell whilst forging strong strategic relationships with big players in the market."


General Counsel, Finance Technology, Innovation, Strategy

“Telstra’s a very dynamic organisation, it’s difficult to get complacent or bored here; there’s always new and exciting challenges and opportunities available if you want to find them.”


Director Consumer Postpaid, Consumer Postpaid

"There’s such a huge range of talented people to meet, learn from and collaborate with here"


General Manager, Channel Operations
"There’s a lot of autonomy here to do things differently."

Andrew T

Team Manager Melb West Data Services, Melb West Data Services

"I enjoy supporting our trainees and watching how they develop into some of the best technicians out there."


Director External Communications, External and Corporate Communications

"Great technology means more flexibility. As a leader in mobility, Telstra helps me stay connected, pretty much wherever I am."


Head of Channels and Alliances, Channels and Alliances
"Telstra's culture  embraces open-mindedness and a willingness to try new things."